About Us

In response to a growing risk of information leakage and cyber-attacks on government-owned infrastructures, Global Expert Team (GET) is establishing itself in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) to propel our technology expertise, products and services in cyber-security to the International Market.


As a vendor for advanced DPI and IRGO products with real-time content monitoring capability, GET provides cutting edge solutions to monitor, secure and protect valuable information assets.



We are a group of industry professionals from varied backgrounds with over 100 combined man-years of relevant experience in – Cyber Security, Data Preservation and Retention, IT Security, Large scale Telco Infrastructure & Computer Networking.


With state-of-the-art infrastructure, an outstanding team and Technology Partners like NSFocus, Lastline etc., we are able to offer our clients powerfully crafted security solutions with both data gathering and defensive solutions, customized to their specific needs.